Meet the Board: Paul Sokoloff





Paul Sokoloff

KCJMCA Title: Secretary

Years on KCJMCA Board: 4
Other KCJMCA Activities: UrbanSuburban Commitee Member



A native of New York, Paul Sokoloff moved to Kansas City area in 1974. He graduated from the Research School of Nursing(RN), Ottawa University (BA) and UMKC (MPA) and has worked in health care for over 30 years. Recently, Paul left Carondelet Health after 15 years where he was Director of Organizational Development, and is currently the Workforce Development Director for Truman Medical Center–Behavioral Health. As a long-time adjunct faculty member at Ottawa University, Paul has been able to share his interest in organizational behavior and leadership with students. His personal interests include a love of art and art history, tai chi, science fiction, and advocacy for those with mental illness and developmental disabilities. Paul has been married to Debbie Sokoloff for 35 years, and they have two grown sons: Daniel and Adam.


Why are you involved with the Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art?
 The people and the mission. KCJMCA is unique in its location and its programming. The people involved with KCJMCA are fantastic to work with and fun to be around.

What are your favorite KCJMCA events and programs? Why?
The art crawls to view collections are a favorite because you get to see/experience the passion people have for art and how it’s a part of their life, and you get to share the experience with other KCJMCA members. I’m also excited to see the new exhibitions throughout the year because they both challenge and increase my understanding of art.

What are your expectations for the future of KCJMCA?
I’m excited about how KCJMCA continues to increase its programming to enhance exhibitions and how it’s creating more involvement with both community members and residents of Village Shalom. I look forward to us partnering with more community organizations (both art and non-art) to bring the message and the experience of how art contributes to us as individuals and as a community.